Founded in 1972, Sakr establishment, as it was known then, traded and contracted in electrical accessories and lighting fixtures before venturing into the Power Generation business.

In the years that followed, Sakr entered the Iraqi market and became the number one company in sales of generators in that Market.

In 2004, Sakr was appointed distributor of GE transportation diesel engines in selected areas, which triggered the spin-off of a power projects department within the company.

In 2007, concentration on power projects grew and SPP business unit was launched to handle the design and implementation of turnkey power plants. On that same year, Sakr acquired MBH plant in Germany for generating sets assembly in Europe.

In 2011, another plant named FSA was acquired in Poland for the manufacture of engines under the license of MAN. That same year, SPP was established as a strategic company within Sakr Group due to the need of a fully dedicated entity for power projects. Since then, SPP has grown into a global energy service provider and a leader in Power Generation Solutions & Services.


The LEADING EPC CONTRACTOR AND O&M SERVICE PROVIDER in Africa and the Middle East of Engine-based and Renewable Energy Power Plants and Solutions.



SPP management is based on the principles of corporate social responsibility and the practice of company values and continuous improvement to Quality.

At SPP, we also seek to uphold the values that define the nature of our relationships with each other and with our stakeholders.

Simply put, they are:

Our desire to stick to our commitments whatever the cost, and lead in marketplace
integrity following the footsteps of our main industry partner ‘General Electric’.

Our continuing drive to be the very best that we can be.

Client Relations
Exceeding expectations through win/win solutions.


Provide HIGH QUALITY & EFFICIENT Power Plant Solutions to meet clients’ requirements and expectations for a wide variety of LIQUID FUEL, GAS, and RENEWABLE SOURCE APPLICATIONS.


Top of the Line Products

We work diligently on choosing well-proven and highly documented solutions, as well as suppliers of international reputation of namely German origin.

Customized Solutions

We benefit from the integration with our manufacturing companies in Germany and Poland to offer bespoke and tailored solutions to our customers.

Quality Services

Our innovative power house products, services and solutions are designed and built to meet international quality standards and specifications.

Extensive Experience

We actively utilize our extensive know-how gained in over 30 years in the areas of design, engineering, installation, and commissioning of power plants.


To concretize its mission commitments and achieve its goals and objectives, SPP works diligently on:

  • choosing well-proven and highly documented solutions, as well as suppliers of international reputation
  • honoring its contractual commitments and providing prudent utility practice in the execution and delivery of its projects
  • offering high performance solutions (plants and equipment)
  • enhancing responsiveness in after-sales support
  • maintaining and promoting the company’s competitive edge by relying on the distinguished breadth of its management and engineering expertise in researching,
    developing, testing, and marketing of its solutions
  • increasing its potential target markets’ awareness of its products and services
  • being absolutely committed to excellence and satisfaction of its customers