ensuring clients total satisfation

To concretize its commitments and achieve its goals and objectives, SPP works diligently towards its clients on:

    • offering and promoting high-quality products and services that are innovative,
      highly reliable and in particular cases environment friendly (MBH generating
      sets are one example of products that follow strict European standards)
    • offering types of solutions to clients that significantly reduce up-front fixed costs and provide reduced life cycle costs through energy efficiency and professional maintenance
    • being committed to superior, reliable and quality 24/7 aftersales services
      providing energy advisory services making available spare parts on consignment
      providing extended warranty
    • offering free inspection and operational audit services
    • providing elaborated performance guarantees
    • providing minimized and non-risked deliveries
    • offering competitive prices



SPP engineers, constructs and commissions engine-based and renewable energy power plants.

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Operation & Maintenance

Whether operation or maintenance of power plants, SPP follows strict procedures and employs a team of experienced engineers, operators and technicians.

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Material Supply

SPP is ready to supply power plant projects with generating sets and balance of plant material, such as transformers and switchgear in addition to spare parts.

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