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The main duty of SPP engineering department is to design or supervise the design of power plant projects and organize all activities that are related to the fulfillment of this duty. It is the obligation of the engineering department to provide the optimal design in the shortest lead time and at the lowest cost.

SPP engineering department is divided into two sections:

a) Product Design Section: Responsible for the detailed design of the generating sets and related auxiliaries. They prepare the full documentation, drawings and procedures.

b) Power Plant Engineering Section: responsible for making the design of all types of missions related to power plants. The design includes the preliminary study, the calculations, the specification, the drawings, the standards verifications, the modification etc.



The Company Construction Department is responsible for project execution and therefore, for all necessary actions and measures within its power so that the flow of construction is not interrupted or impeded.

Project Construction Management: in charge of executing all construction works and site activities specified in the project scope. A construction manager will be assigned for each project. A commissioning manager will be nominated as well.

Design Personnel: assigned by engineering manager to produce all design documents of the project and coordinating, during the construction phase, with the project/construction management regarding modifications that could come up in design and specifications.

Human Resources Department: responsible for providing the required people with the right qualifications and skills.

Purchasing and Accounting Personnel: supporting the project management throughout the project execution stages.



Start-up which could be defined as the last stage of a project is the set of the activities in order to bring the power plant from stage of construction to the delivery and operation acceptance by the client.
Start- up activities are divided into two main stages, which are also chronologically separate:

Preparatory part: mainly carried out at the head office, and defines the start-up structure at the site, and consist of the preparation of start-up program, document relevant to the start-up activities and organization of the information system between head office and site.

Operation part: carried out at the site and consists of the actual implementation of the power plant start-up.