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Operation & Maintenance


SPP operation is usually carried out 24 hours/day. The operator shall liaise with the central dispatching center. Communication shall be done in an official manner.

After the commencement date the operator will:
– Recruit, train and employ all necessary qualified and competent personnel for the operation and maintenance of the facility;
– Develop operation, administration, maintenance, security ,safety and performance monitoring procedures;
– Produce the standing instructions and operating and maintenance procedures for the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of the facility such as: Operating instructions, Maintenance instructions, Chemical Procedures, Safety Procedures and instructions, Administration procedures, Security procedures and instructions, Performance monitoring procedures, Incident reporting procedures, and Emergency Plans
– Provide tools, tackles and equipment required for O&M of the plant except special tools and equipment supplied with the construction contract.


SPP power plant maintenance philosophy consists of:

a) Daily Maintenance, which covers routine testing to be performed according to instruction manuals on component/equipment;

b) Emergency maintenance, which is a corrective maintenance to be performed when failure occurs;

c) Scheduled maintenance, which is a preventive maintenance to be performed with component/equipment in shut-down condition.

In order to minimize forced outages duration, emergency maintenance requires a proper available stock of spare parts.

Scheduled maintenance is performed on the basis of a maintenance plan which covers, in principle, the plant life.

Such maintenance plan is designed to keep planned unavailability within prescribed values.